AR15 Buyers Guide

So you want to buy an AR15?
How to buy an AR15? Which AR15 to buy?
Should I build an AR15? How to build an AR15?
Where to buy an AR15?

AR 15 Buyers Guide helps you answer these questions and more

Where to Start ??

  • How much are you planning to spend on your AR15?
  • Are you going to build your AR15 from parts or buy one complete ?
  • What is the best AR15?
  • Where to Buy an AR15

There are two basic parts of the AR15 rifle, the top half or “upper” and bottom half or “lower”.

Most people consider the barrel the ‘heart’ of the AR15 rifle. Beginning with an overall idea of what kind of AR15 you want, start with a barrel and add parts until your new rifle is complete.

Frequently Asked AR15 Questions

Use our guide to answer questions & explore options

Step 3 – AR-15 Accessories




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