AR15 Glossary

  • AR: Armalite
  • The “A” in A1, A2, etc: Alternation #
  • Carbine: Shortened version of a rifle
  • CQB: Close Quarters Battle
  • CQC: Close Quarters Combat
  • Hi-Cap: High Capacity
  • Mag: Magazine
  • Mil-Spec AR15 The United States Defense Standard is often called a Military Standard, “MIL-STD”, “MIL-SPEC” or “MilSpec”
    – An AR15 designed to U.S. Department of Defense standards
  • NV: Night Vision
  • Picatinny Rail Interface System
  • SOPMOD: Special Operations Peculiar Modification
  • SPR: Special Purpose Rifle
  • Caliber: Measurement of the inside diameter of the barrel of a firearm. Caliber may be measured in hundredths of an inch (e.g., .45 caliber), but may also be measured in millimeters (e.g., 9mm).
  • Cartridge: A round of ammunition that includes primer, gunpowder, and explosive cap to ignite the powder, gun casing , and the bullet
  • Automatic vs Select-Fire
    – Full Auto = many rounds per pull of the trigger
    – Burst Fire = two or three rounds per pull of the trigger
    – Semi-Automatic = one round per pull of the trigger
    – Selective Fire (Select Fire) = semiautomatic and automatic
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