Upper Receiver

AR-15 Upper Receiver

Upper Receiver, Bolt Carrier, Charging Handle, Barrel, Handguards, Iron Sights

AR-15 Upper Receiver and Barrel Assembly

A1, A2, Flat-tops (known as A3, A4)
Options like VLTOR, LaRue are made in a different style
Cost Range (stripped) $100-250

Tier One – Manufacturers with best reputation
Other Parts Required: Trigger Parts, pistol grips, lower parts kit, stock assembly / Receiver Extra, Charging Handle, Bolt & Carrier assembly, Barrel assembly, rear sight, handle?, forward assist

Things to consider about the AR-15 Upper Receiver

  • AR 15 Upper Receiver (Carry Handle)
    The AR15 started out with a charging handle from the AR10 design. The handle offers protection for the rear sights. Of course the handle is also a handy way to grab or carry the firearm quickly
  • AR 15 Upper Receiver (Flat-top)
    The modern AR15 have replaced the handle with a standard MIL-STD-1913 rail for mounting optics, lasers, lights, etc
  • AR 15 Removable Carry Handle
    There are Removable Carry Handles that fit onto the rails of the flat-top AR 15 receiver. They are attached with screws on the left side of the receiver (opposite the ejection port).
    IssueI have found the rear screw blocks my ability to grab the charging handle on the move / under stress

  • M4 feed ramps
    On most ARs, the feed ramps are cut into the barrel extension only. Most military M-16s are like this and they work fine. M4 style feed ramps are cut so deep that the cut out through the barrel extension and cuts into the upper receiver. So the M4 feedramp is really a two part item. The barrel Extension and Lower Receiver both need to be cut (marked) with M4 feed ramps for them to be most effective. M4 feedramps on a standard upper receiver is fine. however M4 feedramp cuts on the lower receiver with a standard AR (non-M4 cut) barrel can cause issues

    Opinions of M4 Feed Ramps range from bad to good. They are becoming a standard option with many AR-15 manufactures and do not cause any harm

    Issue: M4 feedramp cuts on the upper receiver with a standard AR (non-M4 cut) barrel will cause a small ‘lip’ which can cause issues

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