AR-15 Handguards / Railed Forends

This will determine along with the barrel the overall look of your AR. These also give you the options for optics, lights, lasers, etc
Major Options – Railed or standard Handguards, Length, Free Float
Costs $25 – $500
Other Parts Required: rail covers, forward grips
Buyers Beware: Cheap rails can be out of spec

Things to consider about AR-15 Handguards and Railed Forends

  • AR-15 Grips
  • handguards cap
  • delta ring
  • Heatshields
  • double heat shield
  • AR15 Railed handguards
  • MIL-STD-1913 rail
  • T-marks
  • Monolithic Rail Platform
  • Grip Pod
  • Fore Grip Weaponlights
  • scope mounts

Rail Covers

Major Options – Panels, Ladders, Accept a tape switch, Color, Quality, Material
Costs $5 – $30
Buyers Beware: bare rails can get hot / sharp

Free-Floated Barrel

Free-floating an AR 15 barrel is an effort to be consistent from shot to shot by removing external forces on the barrel (sling, resting on the handguard, bipod, etc). Nothing is touching the barrel. Important when shooting over 300yds or when using a sling.

Vertical Fore Grips

Major Options – Solid vs Storage, Integrated with light, Material, how they attach to gun, Length
Costs $12-100
Other Parts Required: Railed handguards (usually)

AR-15 Handguard Parts List

  • Free-Floated Handguards
  • railed handguards
  • Optic Mounts
  • handguard cap (round, notched, triangle)
  • Monolithic Rail Platform
  • Vertical Fore Grips
  • delta ring
  • Rail Covers
  • Fore Grip Weaponlights
  • Heatshields
  • double heat shield
  • Bi Pod


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