Charging Handle

AR15 Charging Handle Assembly

Aluminum vs Steel AR15 Charging Handle

  • Steel
  • Prevent bending the charging handle and stuck Bolt Carrier Assembly
  • Steel charging handles can cause wear in the upper receiver
  • Heavier
  • Cost more
  • Aluminum
  • Standard Issue is Forged aluminum (Mil-Spec)
  • Stamped aluminum and Forged aluminum (Mil-Spec)
  • Stamped aluminum charging handles shear under normal use

AR15 Tactical Latch

  • Typically Over-size and overbuilt stronger than standard latch
  • AR15 Tactical Latch can provide extra leverage
  • One hand operation
  • Replace stock charging handle with no gunsmithing and simple tools
  • Can be easier for left handed shooters

Ambidextrous AR15 Charging Handle

More of these are hitting the market all the time, most have their own operation and design Operating the AR-15 left handed is not just an issue for left handed shooters. Right handed shooters shooting off-handed will also appreciate the advantages of an ambidextrous charging handle.
Issue: Few of these have been tested log term, do your research before you buy

Gas Deflecting AR15 Charging Handle

For use with a suppressor these are really useful. We have used them with multiple rifles, various barrel lengths and various suppressors, and they always are more pleasant to shoot with a gas deflecting charging handle

AR15 Charging Handle Parts List:

  • Charging Handle
  • Spring
  • Charging Handle Latch
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