Bolt Carrier

AR15 Bolt Carrier Assembly

Things to consider about AR15 Bolt Carriers

Semi-auto vs. full-auto AR15 bolt carriers

  • Semi-Auto
  • AR15 bolt carrier
  • AR15 (semi-auto) bolt carriers are built to ‘miss’ full auto trigger parts
  • Better option in CA and other restrictive areas
  • Full-Auto
  • M16 bolt carrier
  • M16 bolt carrier is heavier
  • Have shrouded firing pin
  • 1/2 ounce the Full Auto Carrier adds is good for carbines (like different weight buffers)
  • No issues of legality (check your local laws)

AR15 gas key staking

  • The key and bolt carrier gets hit hard with hot gasses with every shot
  • Add resistance to the screws coming loose from vibration/stress
  • Loctite is not enough to hold them in place

Shrouded AR15 firing pin

  • A shrouded firing pin prevents the hammer from pushing the collar of the firing pin against the firing pin retaining pin
  • Opening the firing pin was a politically inspired modification initiated by Colt

Magnetic Particle Inspected

  • A non-destructive method for the detection of surface and sub-surface defects
  • Part has no surface flaws at the time of testing

Pressure Tested / Proof Testing

  • A test where a over pressured round is fired from a firearm or part in order to verify that the firearm or part is not defective and will not explode

Black or Blue AR15 extractor inserts

  • Blue AR15 extractor insert
  • AR15 rifle = 4 coil extractor spring and blue insert
  • Black AR15 extractor insert
  • M4 Carbine = 5 coil extractor spring and black insert

AR15 extractor O-ring

“A rubber O” ring can be added around the AR 15 extractor spring to create more tension. Used to help troubleshoot in combination with other extractor parts (spring, insert) or buffer, springs, etc to ‘tune’ an AR-15

Titanium AR15 firing pin

Most shooters agree the Titanium AR15 firing pin is a waste of money

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