AR15 Cleaning Supplies

Emdom-MM KitMat
This is a simple yet innovative solution to repairing and cleaning weapons in the field. It is a mat that holds small parts and a fair ammount of cleaning supplies. It rolls up into a small package not much larger than a standard issue M-16 cleaning kit, Here are some pictures of the mat in action with an AR15
OTIS M-16 / AR-15 Buttstock Cleaning System
Sun Mar 1 2009
This upgrade to the standard Military cleaning kit weighs just 8 ounces and fits inside a soft nylon case which fits in the standard M-16 buttstock, or any bag and most pouches and pockets. The OTIS AR15 / M16 cleaning kit includes; Memory-Flex cleaning rod, solid brass slotted tip, 100% cotton cleaning patches, a bore brush, and the all-in-one cleaner, lubricant, preservative , brass obstruction remover, chamber brush, a mil. spec. double end AP receiver brush and gas tube cleaners.

AR15 Build: Final Cleaning (part 4)