AR15 Pistols

Rock River Arms vs. KelTec AR 15 Pistols

Two Rock River AR15 Pistols
Sat Mar 14 2009
We had the chance to photograph two Rock River Arms AR15 pistols side by side. These two extremely difficult to find AR15 pistols are almost identical. The only difference between these two pistols are the barrel lengths. The shorter one is a 7-1/2 inch barrel and the other is a 10-1/2 inch long barrel. Both of these Rock River Arms LAR-15 pistols have a low profile gas block. The full length rails along the top of the receiver and on the handguards give this pistol many optics, light and laser mounting options. These two LAR-15 pistols are well made, look great and are easily adaptable to many uses. Because these are pistols the laws against altering them apply. This means no forward pistol grips and no stocks can be installed. These uppers can not be installed on an AR15 lower unless that lower is registered as an SBR (Short Barrel Rifle).