AR15 Suppressors

AR15 Sound Suppressors

 US made 5.56×45 (.223) suppressors

Gemtech G5
Yankee Hill Machine Phantom 5.56
Surefire FH556-212A
Gemtech HALO

Five 5.56 Suppressors Side by Side
Sun Feb 22 2009
We had a chance to put these five .223 (5.56×45) suppressors side by side. Here are the Gemtech G5, Yankee Hill Machine Phantom 5.56, the Surefire FH556-212A, the OPS INC Model M4 MBS and the Gemtech HALO.

We did not get to shoot them all (yet) but here is a rare opportunity to see them all together to compare length, diameters, shapes colors and weights.

The shortest, and lightest is the Surefire FH556-212A in the center of the photograph but all these suppressors are close to the same size and weight.

Shooting a Surefire FA556-212 Suppressor